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But beware: you might run into some right-wing lunacy and archaic views on women while you’re there. A ‘Pagan’ is anyone of a different faith; Muslims are considered Pagans as well.

“Let’s start from the beginning: should we call you Pagans? And Rodnovers are not keen on being put in the same category as Muslims.” Dragomir’s real name is Oskar. With a background in graphic design, he creates concept art for computer games.

Many elements of Slavic ceremony live on today in the form of wedding reception customs: “Take throwing a bouquet.

It’s a modern day interpretation of throwing a wreath, which in Slavic times was supposed to represent virginity,” explains Dragomir, who presided over a Rodnovery wedding at the very beginning of his ‘career’.

Respect for nature and for the ancestors is far more important.

“In my view, there is no point in giving gods names. As a matter of fact, we only know a few of gods from the Slavic 'pantheon'.

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He’s also a ] is a religion based on the beliefs of the Slavs, pre-Christian inhabitants of the territory that is today known as Poland.

Modern Rodnovers continue this tradition, celebrating equinoxes and solstices, even though most of them live in the city and have little or no contact with agriculture.

“I live in the city, but I’m looking for a way out, to move closer to nature, given the chance,” admits Dragomir.

Religious leaders to this day use the term to call out people of any faith whose greed or worldly lust cause them to stray from the flock.

For droves of practicing pagans around the world -- numbers of which are difficult to measure -- these connotations present a public relations nightmare, making it difficult to share the reality of their faith when confronted with de facto bias.The offerings are usually bloodless: “Most of the time it would be a sacrifice of bread, meat or other agricultural products,” assures Dragomir.