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The number-one attraction in Lahaina is definitely “the buzz.” Great restaurants, hoppin’ night-life, swingin’ bars – and shops featuring wares ranging form “made-in-China” trinkets to exquisite local hand crafts; from cheap jewelery to masterpieces of fine art.

For those quick to point toward commercialism as causing a loss of authenticity in historic area, the irony would be that they’re overlooking one important fact: shopping, eating, drinking and merriment have long been a central part of Lahaina Town.

Maui and it's neighboring islands are best seen from the air as the vast majority of each island is inaccessible from the ground.

One of the best values on Maui is the active volcano air tour of Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii (the two largest Hawaiian islands) in one of Volcano Air Tours' comfortable, air-conditioned airplanes.

The Big Island of Hawaii, for instance, is constructed of 5 major volcanoes: Kilauea (which is active and we fly over on our Maui Air - Volcano Air Tours), Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea, Hualalai and Kohala. Kilauea, which you can see on a Maui Air tour, is presently one of the most productive volcanoes on Earth (in terms of how much lava it erupts each year).

The primary volcanoes on each of the islands are known as shield volcanoes, which are gently sloping mountains produced from a large number of generally very fluid lava flows.

On the surface, Lahaina will be a place not dissimilar to a popular ocean town closer to home.

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Each tour is a unique adventure with different sights to see, so remember to take your cameras and wear dark shirts to reduce glare for photos.

If you are staying on the South side of Maui, consider the late afternoon (romantic Hawaiian sunset) flight out of Kahului Airport Royal Pacific Air offers charter service for golfers and anyone who wants their own transportation to any of the Hawaiian Islands.