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They are not assigned to individual operators as their regular callsign. D class calls start with ZZ and they are not allowed to operate in HF. PZ Suriname (ITU Zone 12 CQ Zone 09) [;\lat 6 long -55] ...... A (AA-AL), e.g., AC6V K (KA-KZ), e.g., K6DX, KC6UQH N (NA-NZ), e.g., N6KI W (WA-WZ), e.g., W6AM The number indicates the U. A 2-by-2 call usually belongs to an Advanced or a newer Extra class operator. e.g., KB5MU A 1-by-2 or 2-by-1 call usually belongs to an older Extra class operator. When these sequential callsigns were 'used up', the Extra class operators started receiving 2-by-2 calls starting with the AA block. It is assigned to a special event station for a short period of time. XY, XZ Burma (ITU Zone 49 CQ Zone 26) [lat 16.8 long 96] .... XX Macao (ITU Zone 44 CQ Zone 24) [lat 22.1 long 113.5} XYA-XZZ Myanmar (Union of) ...... OTX.=contest stations (x=the year, example a contest station wich work in 1995=OT5.)OUA-OZZ Denmark (Also See 5P-5Q, XP) ...... Club stations use six alphanumeric character call signs with the second letter W-Z (2x3, such as RW6AWT or RK9CWW). SS Egypt (ITU Zone 38 CQ Zone 34) SSN-STZ Sudan (Republic of the) (Also See 6T-6U) ...... Note that all the islands in Hudson, James and Ungava Bays are part of Nunavut, no matter how close they are to the shorelines of Manitoba, Ontario or Quebec. Nunavut Map Canada [lat 54 long -106] VE1 New Brunswick (ITU Zone 09 CQ Zone 05) VE1 Nova Scotia (ITU Zone 09 CQ Zone 05) VE2 Quebec (ITU Zone 09 CQ Zone 02) VE3 Ontario (ITU Zone 04 CQ Zone 04) VE4 Manitoba (ITU Zone 04 CQ Zone 04) VE5 Saskatchewan (ITU Zone 03 CQ Zone 04) VE6 Alberta (ITU Zone 02,03 CQ Zone 04) VE7 British Columbia (ITU Zone 02 CQ Zone 03) VE8 Northwest Terr. YO, YP, YQ, YR, Romania (ITU Zone 28 CQ Zone 20) [lat 44.4 long 26.1] ...... YO2 Arad-AR, Caras Severin-CS, Hunedoara-HD, Timis-TM ...... The port of Avarua, in the island of Rarotonga, is the administrative center of the Cook islands. ZP Paraguay (ITU Zone 14 CQ Zone 11) [lat -25.3 long -57.7] ...... ON9 stations are foreign stations with a temporary license, ON9A..=ON2, ON9B..=ON1, ON9C..=ON4, 5, 6, 7, 8. ON0=this is for repeaters, nodes, clusters, digipeaters, bbs, beacons,... The most common call signs are the six alphanumeric call signs 2x3 (such as RA3APW);these call signs are used by class IV, III, II operators, roughly equivalent (in order) to US Technician, Technician Plus, and General or Advanced class licensees. Five alphanumeric call signs (2x2, as in RA3XO) are used by the class I (the highest level attainable) individual license class, equivalent to US Extra class licensees. SM5 Uppsala-C, Soedermanland-D, Oestergoetland-E, Vaestmanland-U ...... SN, SO, SP, SQ, SR Poland (ITU Zone 28 CQ Zone 15) [lat 52.2 long 21] Call areas # : 1 - Zachodniopomorskie (Z) 2 - Pomorskie (F) , Kujawsko - Pomorskie (P) 3 - Wielkopolskie (W) , Lubuskie (B) 4 - Warmińsko - Mazurskie (J) , Podlaskie (O) 5 - Mazowieckie (R) 6 - Dolnośląskie (D) , Opolskie (U) 7 - Łdzkie (C) , Świętokrzyskie (S) 8 - Lubelskie (L) , Podkarpackie (K) 9 - Śląskie (G) , Małopolskie (M) ...... Most of Nunavut is in CQ Zone 2, as are all but three of Nunavut's 20-odd Amateurs. Akimiski Island and other islands in James Bay are part of Nunavut, but are in Zone 4. YN0 Special Event & Club Stations YOA-YRZ Romania ...... ZF Cayman Is (ITU Zone 11 CQ Zone 08) [lat 19.5 long -81.2] ZKA-ZMZ New Zealand ZK, ZL, ZM New Zealand New Zealand (ITU Zone 60 CQ Zone 32) [lat -41.8 long 173] ZL1 No Island, north: Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty ZL2 No Island, south: Gisborne, Hawke's Bay, Taranaki, Wellington, Manawatu-Wanganui, ZL3 So Island, North: Nelson, Marlborough, West Coast, Canterbury ZL4 South Island, south: Otago, Southland ZL5 Antarctica Scott See Antarctic QSL Page ZL6 New Zealand--NZART (ITU 60 CQ 32) No Cook Is, The northern group includes islands of Pukapuka, Tongareva (or Pen Pen Penrhyn), Manihiki, Palmerston, Rakahanga, Suwarrow and Nassau.

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LZ Bulgaria (ITU Zone 28 CQ Zone 20) [lat 42.7 long 23.3] .......... LZ1 Sofija City, Sofija Province, Plovdiv, Haskovo, Burgas ..........

Amsterdam Paul (ITU Zone 68 CQ Zone 39) [lat -37 long 75] FT2W Crozet (ITU Zone 68 CQ Zone 39) FT2X Kerguelen Is (ITU Zone 68 CQ Zone 39) FT2Z Amsterdam Paul (ITU Zone 69 CQ Zone 39) FT5W Crozet (ITU Zone 68 CQ Zone 39) FT5X Kerguelen Is (ITU Zone 68 CQ Zone 39) FT5Z Amsterdam Paul (ITU Zone 68 CQ Zone 39) FT8W Crozet (ITU Zone 68 CQ Zone 39) FT8X Kerguelen Is (ITU Zone 68 CQ Zone 39) FT8Y Antarctica See Antarctic QSL Page FT8Z Amsterdam Paul (ITU Zone 68 CQ Zone 39) FU France (ITU Zone 27 CQ Zone 14) FV France (ITU Zone 27 CQ Zone 14) Digits 0 : "Classe 3" 1 : "Classe 2" (CEPT B) 2 : Rserve.

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