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Whether the Environmental Improvement Board can make minor, nonsubstantive corrections, such as typographical and grammatical corrections, to its regulations after a public hearing on the regulations but prior to filing.

Does the New Mexico State Racing Commission have the authority to prohibit an attorney from representing a client before the Commission in adjudicatory proceedings or public hearings on the basis of alleged misconduct?

arrested on state criminal charges by municipal lawenforcement officers?

When does a county become responsible far paying for medical costs of indigent prisoners arrested on state criminal charges by municipal law enforcement officers?

Is it legal for state agencies to engage in collective bargaining with their employees? Is the beef council required to submit an annual operating budget and budget request to the State Budget Division of the Department of Finance and Administration pursuant to sections 6-3-7 and 6-3-19 N. May lodger's tax revenues be used to support a toll-free "800" telephone service maintained by the Red River Chamber of Commerce pursuant to a contract or services agreement with the town of Red River?

Are the Rules for Labor-Management Relations which the State Personnel Board promulgated in the past authorized under New Mexico Law? For purposes of calculating the state's distribution to a school district in accordance with the Public School Capital Improvements Act, does the phrase, "the product obtained by the tax rate imposed in the district," contained in Section 22-25-9 NMSA 1978 refer to the tax rate authorized by Section 22-25-3 NMSA 1978 or the lower rate required by operation of the rate limitation provisions of Section 7-37-7.1 NMSA 1978?

Is the Property Control Division of the General Services Department ("GSD") required to pay the levies assessed by the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District ("MRGCD") on real property owned by the Property Control Division within the MRGCD?

Whether a small loan licensee doing business under the Bank Installment Loan Act, section 58-7-1 et seq.

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Is a law enforcement agency prohibited by the Children's Code, the Arrest Record Information Act or any other law of the State of New Mexico from releasing to the public the names of juveniles who have been arrested for criminal acts, and the charges for which they were arrested? Are funds received by the beef council subject to legislative appropriation?Does a Special Zoning District Commission continue to exercise con- current zoning jurisdiction with a municipality after a portion of the territory in the special zoning district is annexed into a municipality?When does a county become responsible for paying for the expensesand upkeep of prisoners.Article V, section 1 of the City Charter of the City of Albuquerque provides in part that no elector may be a candidate for the office of Mayor who holds a full-time elective office other than Mayor or Mayor Pro Tern. Does the State of New Mexico have authority under .

State law to pursue any legal remedies, including the authority to initiate legal proceedings in a court of competent jurisdiction, as may be necessary to prevent the withholding of medically indicated treatment from disabled infants with life-threatening conditions? Does Chapter 297, Laws of New Mexico 1983, require both the referenced positions and the employees occupying those positions to be exempt?

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